8 Great LBI Attractions to Plan For This Summer

There are some great things to do on Long Beach Island during summer! Whether you like excitement and adventure, relaxing on the beach, or exploring history and local art, this list of LBI attractions will help you to plan your next vacation.

Exciting LBI Attractions for Thrill Seekers

Are you coming to Long Beach Island and wondering about things to do around here? You’re in luck! LBI is ranked one of the best New Jersey vacation spots for families according to a number of sites. There are many exciting LBI attraction and adventures to be had. If you’re looking forward to trying new activities or visiting an amusement park, check out these popular LBI attractions:

LBI Attractions for thrill seekers

LBI Attractions for thrill seekers

1. Water Sports

Anything is possible when it comes to water sports in LBI. The most popular of the Jersey Shore is surfing. Whether it’s your first time or not, LBI has surf schools and surf gear rental shops to guarantee that you catch some waves. If you’re more of an explorer, do a kayak rental or kayak tour around the island. The newest craze that everyone is trying lately is stand up paddle boarding, also called SUP. If you’re up for the challenge, you can do it at the ocean, or at the bay for calmer waters. Wakeboarding, water skiing, and jet skiing are popular choices for those looking for more of an adrenaline rush.

2. Boating & Fishing

Have a NJ boaters license, but no boat? No problem. LBI has many places where you can rent a boat or charter a yacht for your own pleasure. Sightseeing, ocean dips, and fishing are common among those who take boats out around LBI. Between the bay and the ocean, the opportunities for fishing are practically endless. Check the LBI fishing guide for more info about where to go and when tournaments are going on. If you don’t have a boaters license, you can still enjoy time on the sea with LBI boat tours or even try some parasailing.

3. Amusement Parks and Water Parks

No trip to the Jersey Shore would be complete without some good old fashioned amusement park rides and arcade games. Beach Haven is home to the legendary Fantasy Island Amusement Park. This place has rides and games for all ages, even the little ones. With 19 carnival-style rides, this place has enough fun to spend an afternoon or evening. Admission to the park is free and you pay per ride or game with a digital token card that you can reuse again and again because the points never expire. Arcade games and rides vary from 1 to 6 tokens each. Every Friday from 3- 7pm, enjoy unlimited rides for $20.

If you’re more of a water slides fan, Thundering Surf Water Park is just next door to Fantasy Island. Besides the usual water park attractions, Thundering Surf also has a wave simulator Flow House that you can try for free with your general admission ticket. Admission to the park is based on a two hour or three hour session rate. Payment for additional hours is available. For an extra fee, the water park also offers an adventure mini golf.

LBI Attractions near Spray Beach Hotel

LBI Attractions near Spray Beach Hotel

Relaxing LBI Attractions for Beach Bums

Staying at an oceanfront hotel like ours at Spray Beach Hotel is a major perk because you can go back and froth from your hotel room to the beach easily and avoid the hassle of parking, driving, or looking around for a bathroom. Our corner of the Island comes with all the beach town charm of locally owned and operated shops and restaurants, too. Relaxing on the beach is the simplest pleasure and there isn’t much planning involved, but you also have options around here for when you get hungry or want a change of pace.

4. Amazing Beaches

Here, you’re always within walking distance from the beach. Our beaches are well maintained and safely guarded by the Long Beach Island Beach Patrol. Guests of Spray Beach Hotel get complimentary beach badges for the duration of their stay. We also offer onsite chair and umbrella rentals. For more information about the public beaches read the LBI beach guide. If you need a break from the beach, Spray Beach Hotel has lots of on site amenities, too.

5. Local Shops

Some vacationers prefer low-key LBI attractions like shopping around downtown. Local shops and boutiques at 9th and Bay avenue have the best souvenirs for your Jersey Shore vacation. Whether you forgot a beach blanket, need more sunscreen, want a huge inflatable to float on, or you’re hunting for a handmade gift for grandma, you can find it all here. One popular spot to experience the best of LBI’s shops is the historic Viking Village. LBI’s main claim to fame in local shops is that it is home to the original Ron Jon Surf Shop. The Original Ron Jon Surf Shop in Ship Bottom has been the place to shop active beach apparel and surf and skate gear since 1961.

6. Good Eats

There are so many dining options on LBI that you could eat out for every meal and never have the same thing twice if you’d like. LBI prides itself in being the place for the best seafood in New Jersey. Other LBI favorites are custom steaks, club sandwiches, unique burgers, chowders, and cheesecakes. All of this and more can be found at Spray Beach Hotel’s on site dining, the newly rebranded Sand Dollar Restaurant. For more information and tips on where to go for good eats, download the LBI Restaurant Guide.

LBI Attractions for artists

LBI Attractions for artists

Best LBI Attractions for History Buffs and Art Lovers

For those who are looking for a slower paced activity or an educational experience in LBI, you can visit a number of places that offer just that. History buffs will enjoy the guided tours and museum explorations. Art lovers will find creative classes, performing arts, and studios to check out all over  the Island. Here are a couple of things to get you started!

7. Historical and Artistic Charms

Here’s a list of the top LBI attractions to plan for if you’d like to discover the history and observe the wildlife on LBI:

For more about the art scene, download the free LBI Art Guide.

8. Live Performances

In the summertime, the island is always buzzing with live performances. For starters, Spray Beach Hotel has live music on a regular basis at our Beach Hut Bar and Oceanfront Pavilion. From singers, songwriters, musicians to duos, the full summer performance lineup is posted on our website.

LBI’s own Surflight Theatre puts on Broadway quality performances for all ages, all year round.

For a complete entertainment guide to Long Beach Island, download the LBI Entertainment Guide.

LBI Attractions for music lovers

LBI Attractions for music lovers

Fill Your Vacation With Your Favorite Kind of LBI Attractions!

Whatever you decide to do, there are plenty of top LBI attractions to keep everyone in your family happy and occupied. Open all year round, Spray Beach Hotel looks forward to hosting you and your loved ones for your LBI vacation. Call our front desk for more help with planning your vacation!